Fall-ing Down Steps

Photo by Justine Taylor Photography


The pun in the title is even more appropriate if you know that none of these leaves were on these steps before I took this photo. I had to take an armful of leaves and scatter them on the stairway for the look I wanted. When I was taking my landscape photography class at SUNY Oswego, I tried each week to plan out where I would shoot and what my images would look like, (so that I could try to ensure that when I submitted my photos for that week, there would be variety among them.) When the idea to shoot here popped into my head, somehow I was able to plan exactly how I wanted the image to look, and it came out true to form which had never happened to me before.


Fall on a Wall

Photo by Justine Taylor Photography


One of the things that I love most about photography is the ability to capture beauty in things that some people may never even take the time to take a second glance at. For example, until I had my camera out and was out shooting for my landscape photography class, I had never noticed the gorgeous ivy-like leaves growing on the back wall of my residence hall, which I had walked past heaven only knows how many times.