Tuesday Photo Challenge: Street

A Street With a ViewTree Shadows and Tree Remnants

Pretty Puddles
Photos by Justine Taylor Photography


Here is my entry for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge with the theme of Street. These are three different streets, in three different years (from top to bottom they were taken in 2017, 2016, and 2015 respectively), with three different appreciations of streets. The top photo has a beautiful cherry tree blooming next to it, so let’s call that one “A Street with a View.” The middle one I appreciate because it shows the presence of trees without showing the trees (the acorn shells strewn all over the street), but I also love shadows. (“Shadows and Remnants” is what I would title that one.) The last one brings together my childhood love of puddles with my current love of photography, fall, and nature (and of course any combination of the three!) We’ll call this one, “Pretty Puddles.”